Cancer July 2021 Horoscope

The spotlight is on your personality and your financial resources! This month promises to be beneficial for your charisma until the 22nd, thanks to the sun in your sign whereas Mercury, from the 13th to the 28th, favors clarity and accuracy of your spirit.

Jupiter in Pisces until the 28th supports your ideal of life or your higher education, last decan, while Uranus maintains a solid circle of friendship, second decan. Pluto soon completes its metamorphosis in your relationship, last decan. From the 23rd, the atmosphere sensitizes your financial sector, movements are expected on your bank account, Venus accompanying the sun in Leo seems to indicate an improvement! In the last week, Mars and Venus in Virgo contribute largely to the flourishing of your exchanges with your loved ones, the neighborhood or your collaterals. Find the balance between you and others!

Love in General:
Celestial influences do not particularly favor your emotional sector, except in the last week when the planets in Virgo will strengthen your relationship sector. Before the 12th, you hardly communicate but it gets much better from the 13th to the 28th, take advantage of it to take care of your relationships. You could be a little possessive until the 23rd then your sweet nature regains its fundamentals.

In a relationship:
Busy with your financial business, you will be less available for your other half. You could, however, offer your tenderness until the 22nd and your active listening from the 13th to the 28th. Your sensuality tinged with sensitivity is passionate until the 29th, even possessive, stay zen! From the 23rd, you are very sentimental.

Until the 22nd, your power of seduction is at its peak, the sky invites you to try your luck! Mars in Leo promotes your tenacity but makes you possessive in your emotional approaches, which is less attractive, dose what needs to be! From the 23rd, the opportunities are clearer.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Live this month lightly, leaving financial issues and other concerns of everyday life in the closet. Uranus invites you to refine your projects or to promote your creativity, especially in your friendships. Surprise yourself by going out of your comfort zone!

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