Cancer March 2021 Horoscope

Dreams of travel and your socio-professional destiny! Until the 20th, the Sun in Pisces supported by Venus, brings to your ideal of life desires that are also powerful! You who are usually attached to your home, could dream of change of scenery or quirky meetings. The energies in Aquarius, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn boost your inner life and your carnal desires, your outlook on life is changing.

Uranus as a harmonic sign facilitates the meeting of new friendships or renews this sector as well as the emergence of innovative projects, first decan. Mars in Gemini from the 4th you breathe an energy that is a bit secretive, rather than cerebral and impractical. Your private sector always receives Pluto, what do you want to regenerate, last decan? On the 22nd, the Sun and Venus in Aries favor your profession and your life in a general way.

Love in General:
Pluto always imposes questions about your love life, how far have you got? Venus in a sign of water until the 21st brings peace to your heart, you feel your partner with precision and delicacy! Your desires are secretive and sometimes difficult to express. After the 20th, your sensual energy is more daring and benefits your intimate relationship.

In a relationship:
Until the 21st, sweetness and harmonious feelings give you the well-being to which you aspire to together. You build projects related to your common heritage, unless it is your sensuality that opens to a point of innovation! Beyond that the energies of Aries shakes up your outer life and you refocus on your essentials.

This month is not particularly conducive to a meeting unless you belong to the last decan. However, during a trip you could cross the path of a person as sweet as you and live a winter romance, unless your social circle surprises you. Go out!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
The monthly energies invite you to savor the present moment, a philosophy of life so often neglected! The cluster in Aquarius in an introspective and powerful sector for your sign announces important future changes. No fear, everything is fair!

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