Cancer March 2022 Horoscope

Cancer: Astral Climate for March 2022

You aspire to achieve your ambitions, and you do not lack the determination to do so. Doors are opening, and you are rushing into the most promising ones (both privately and professionally). Control your impulses. You are asking for too much. You are overstepping the mark. Don't provoke tensions by being too demanding.

Cancer: Mood for March 2022

You are thrilled at the beginning of the month, strengthened by the combined energies of Venus and Mars. Still, in love or business, your impatience and self-confidence are bad advisors. Try to channel your ambitions and desires so that they do not interfere with your current expansion. Highly inspired and eager to embody your aspirations, you connect others to the same wavelength. This will be your favorite occupation in March.

Cancer: Love for March 2022

Venus and Mars will set your senses and sensuality on fire from the 6th. The two planets: your feminine side Venus and the yang side, join forces to raise the temperature. Take advantage of this to rekindle the flame with the one you love, or use your ardor to bewitch whoever you please. Jupiter will open up avenues for you and your ambitions. Still, tensions will arise if you believe you have the right to impose your desires on the other. Your relationships and exchanges are tinged with passion. You can get closer to some form of ideal.

Cancer: Money for March 2022

If financial problems are not resolved, you will speed up getting your way, but use strategy rather than stirring up trouble. In March, you will be greedy when, if your aspirations seem to be on the right track, your demands (financial, among others) will put some people off. They will find your steps too aggressive and try to thwart them. You aspire to realize a dream, not necessarily to make a fortune. But obviously, one does not prevent the other.

Cancer: Work for March 2022

Jupiter has opened doors for you. In March, you hope for more associations or partnerships on which you will put the pressure. From the 20th onwards, it's no longer a question of going unnoticed but rather of shining in the spotlight. Of course, Jupiter favors realizing your ambitions but beware of what you say and do. Your audacity may shock, your demands may frighten those who hold power and the money. You assert your ambitions and needs by showing authenticity and determination. People want to believe in your dreams and follow you.

Cancer: Leisure for March 2022

If you're looking for an outlet to unload tiring urges undermining you, focus on activities that allow you to expel your instinctive forces and avoid frustration. Release your potential aggression in a move that channels your tendencies to excess and error. Invest in a punching bag, sign up for a marathon, or opt for a balloon flight or a course in dream interpretation to make yours come true. And if you still have time, try to hang gliding.

Cancer: Key dates for March 2022

- On the 3rd, you are determined to influence others, and you have no shortage of arguments to use to achieve this.
- On the 5th, grand ambitions supported by a cosmic conjuncture favor your flights of fancy. This is the time to believe in them.
- On the 17th, you will put your projects and your originality to good use, seduce your interlocutors.
- On the 19th, don't lose control of your desires and instincts that push you to excess and cause upheaval around you.
- On the 22nd, the tension is palpable, and your demands are unpleasant. To defend a project successfully, lower your voice.

Cancer: Advice for March 2022

A fiery temperament and the opportunity to live out your passions and express your instincts. Jupiter encourages your initiatives and favors your ascension. This is not a reason to rush into things and go overboard, as this attitude would only bring you trouble. Clarify your objectives to convince your interlocutors to follow you and to push back the borders of the possible.

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