Cancer May 2021 Horoscope

Focus on your social circle, your projects and your socio-professional destiny! A planetary cluster in Taurus in beautiful aspect to your constellation strongly supports your friendships and all your projects in progress or to come.

Especially since Mars all month in your sign assures you an exceptional vitality able to accompany your plans towards success! Your inner evolution continues its work thanks to the energies of Saturn and Jupiter, what would you like to see change in your life, last two decans? Jupiter leaves your introspective sector on the 14th and arrives in Pisces, a sign in agreement with yours, coming to awaken you to a new ideal of life! From the 21st, the influxes of Gemini, the Sun, Mercury and Venus boost your socio-professional destiny with courage and ambition!

Love in General:
Until the 20th, you are passionate, demonstrative and very sensual. Your feelings are easily expressed, your romantic relationships benefit from this rather amorous celestial climate, enjoy it. After the 21st, your mind focuses on your professional business and may move you away from love. A little emptiness in your emotional life is coming for the end of the month, nothing serious, just wait!

In a relationship:
Harmony and complicity announce themselves within your couple. Your other half welcomes your sensual impulses with joy and multiplies the love you radiate by a hundred times, until at least the 12th. Your qualities of heart are very important and during this month your affectivity strolls between your partner and your projects, together?

It will swing! Mars at home boosts your temperament! You are armed to seduce, and conquer, in your own way, with tenderness and delicacy but also with powerful impulses. Your social circle favors your contacts until the 20th! Unless the professional sphere winks at you flirtatiously?

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Between love and a busy work schedule you will have to make quality choices or let go in good conscience of one sector of life for another. Jupiter, in Pisces from the 14th, announces that you evolve, advance in all serenity.

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