Cancer November 2021 Horoscope

At the beginning of the month some conflicts can arise from nowhere. Turn down the volume and bury your head in the sand to calm things down, everything will be fine. As soon as the situation does not turn to your advantage you get on your high horse, quiet your mind instead and leave to take a rest in peace, disconnect from the daily routine even if only for a few hours.

It is only from the third week that calm returns. At that moment you are ready for new adventures, you let the pressure drop, the planets then open the way, opportunities are at your fingertips. You finally get out of your shell, you express yourself and your feelings, your mind is freed from all constraints. You are free.

Love in General:
You have the right to be in a bad mood, except that if it lasts too long you risk putting people against you. Make an effort because your irritability makes your entourage run away from you. If you feel guilty because of a particular situation, by relativizing you will regain your self-confidence. We love you, we show it to you, we reassure you.

In a relationship:
You spend time with family rather than in private, if it does not seem to bother you it's not the same for your partner. This month the invitations are many, you enjoy them together, it is a situation that suits you very well.

If you are single, the stars put you on a pedestal and the people you meet around the 23rd are constructive, you are not at the end of your surprises. It will be necessary to review your priorities, the planets have decided to change your plans. You benefit from good astral influences.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Improvise, do not try to control everything, externalize your feelings, live the moment without necessarily projecting yourself. Draw a line on the past to better advance. Do not sulk for a yes or no.

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