Flirting with Cancer

Capricorn flirting always thinks about marriage, he is prudent, careful and is looking for serious acquaintances. Interested in somebody, Capricorn will show maximum perseverance and will definitely not miss the opportunity to agree on the next meeting. The world of romance is of little interest to him, but after being carried away by flirting, Capricorn begins to evaluate what is happening with slight sarcasm and irony over himself, becoming witty.

Capricorns do not flirt, they "take a measure." If someone likes them, they constantly call or write, finding sometimes ridiculous pretexts, or even come without an invitation to the house of the object of their desire. They are persistent, and sometimes overly intrusive, they are easier to say "yes" than to explain why you do not want to communicate with them. Of course, Capricorns can just poulybatsya, and "eyes to build, and appropriate to the case of body movements to demonstrate, but this is only if they need only once to have sex with the one they seduce. If they have more serious intentions, they do not waste time on coquetry, but start a "long siege".

How to flirt with Capricorn

Be sure to find out what your chosen one likes, take it into service, and he will appreciate your efforts, because it is important for the Capricorn to share the interests of the partner. Support his desire to achieve success everywhere and in work, and in his career, and in his personal life. Emphasize your attention with small gifts, this will show your capricorn your economy, he will certainly appreciate the ability to spend money intelligently. Try to be patient. Your ibex will gradually mature for a serious relationship and become a dedicated companion in your life. Do not rush empty promises, be persistent and persistent, like your ibex.

How not to scare away Capricorn

You can not laugh at him, especially in public, for this sign is too important people’s opinion of them. He does not want to be humiliated on other people’s eyes. Do not give him too extravagant gifts, Capricorn will not understand your actions and can even return the gift back, considering it a waste of money. Never give up your words and these promises, he will see to it that the words correspond to the cause. Do not expect him to soon be recognized in love or a quick start to a serious relationship, he needs time to decide on such an important step in his life. Do not criticize his busy work, excessive enthusiasm for his family or hobbies, this is the basis of the nature of Capricorn, he has his ideals, in which he believes and seeks to work for the benefit of other people.

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