Cancer Woman in Love

A sensitive soul, highly intuitive, the Cancer female needs a partner who would be able to respect her myriad emotions and wavering moods. Tough out, soft in, a Crab girl may be extremely shy in the first few meetings, leading one to believe that she has airs. However, this is just the time that she needs to understand the tuning she may share with the other person. She needs to be sure of the reliability of her partner, before she open up. Crabby girl craves stability, and is often attracted to confident, secure individuals; her ideal partner needs to be both tough and tender.

The heart rules a Cancer female, and she believes in taking small steps in a relationship, mostly to ensure that she lets only the right people in. Once in love, she may become clingy, though. She takes the longest time to feel secure in love, so once she is involved, she is totally committed. Her family and friends are crucial to her existence, so she expects her partner to get along with them. All these are signs that she takes this relationship seriously, so the smooth-talking players should stay away.

Cancer Woman in Love & Relationships

If your idea of a loving partner is of someone who will build a nest and hatch and care for the young you produce between you, at the same time as she keeps a comfortable home for you, then a Cancer woman is right for you. But be sure that you keep your side of the deal. Your task is to earn the resources necessary to provide for your family, and to protect that family from threats in the world beyond the home that it may not be ready to handle.

Your Cancer woman may be the perfect mother hen, but she also needs to know that she is loved and cared for. The threat of desertion, real or imagined, is one of the biggest she will face, and this can lead her to cling desperately to you if she fears your love for her is in any way diminished. If you do not like being clung to (and most men don’t), then gently make it clear that you need your own space, and that claiming it does not mean that your love for her is less. Indeed, your ability to be close to her depends on your maintaining your sense of self through your interests outside the family.

Beware that your Cancer woman, if she is constrained by home and family commitments, may experience frustration at her lack of a function in the world beyond. Paradoxically, the Cancer woman can also be amongst the most ambitious of women, being determined to attain success and a position of responsibility in a career.

Time for such a pursuit may become available when any children have left home to fend for themselves, but frustration at lack of opportunity may occur long before that. If for any reason she does not have a family, or when family responsibilities end, she will need to find another sphere in which her instinctive mothering qualities can be practised. This could include "incubating" a novel or work of art into being just as much as practising it in a more usual career path.

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