How to Attract a Cancer Man

Cancer Man, of all the zodiac signs, is by far the most withdrawn. They often focus only on work, work, and work. They are easily intimidated and they lack in confidence. They tend to show competence by working over hours and having many things accomplished each day. Cancer Men love their mothers above anything else and they find those people who love their mothers more attractive than anyone else. So if you are to start a conversation why not try to drop something about your latest bonding experience with your mom. He will surely get him talking and you will be surprised how interesting Cancer Man can be. You can also tell him his resemblance with his mother if you there is a picture of her on his table, which is most probable.

Another thing about Cancer Man is that they are very neat and organized. You can always find a lot of folders, file cabinets, and papers arranged in a neatly manner inside his cubicle. So if you want to make a good impression on him, make sure that you are also neat and organized. Telling your Cancer Man that you like him straight and forward may be the first thing you need not to do. They are withdrawn, which means any form of flattery or confession to them gives them the creeps of a foreseen pitfall and failure. So instead, slowly make him realize how you feel for him. Always be gentle and slowly build his confidence in you. A good manifestation of your success in getting him attracted is when he started seeing you after office hours instead of staying late for work.

Cancer Men are also good at cooking and household chores. This may not be to attractive for you but it will surely get you captivated once get a taste of his culinary. For Cancer Men, doing household chores is a pleasure activity so a good start-off bonding moment for the two of you is to invite him help you organize your newly bought apartment or cook some old difficult recipes together.

Cancer Men also demands less from their partners. As long as they feel that you appreciate them, they will sure love you above anything else. Once you get into a relationship status, there can only be one stumbling block left unturned, his motherly affection. Your relationship might be in trouble if you fail to establish a good one with his mother. It will be fine as long as you have established in your relationship that mother-business is out of your you-and-me business. But if you are one lucky girl to have his mom vote for you, then your love is cemented, and you no longer need to worry because Cancer man are always loyal and they are consistent.

The first thing you need to know about securing the affections of a Cancer man is this: you’ll probably have to do all of the legwork. The Cancer man is highly unlikely to make the first move, as he suffers from a deep-rooted fear of rejection. So, you’ll probably need to work on those pick-up lines!

At work, the Cancer man is easy to spot: he’ll be the one sat at his fastidiously organized workstation, labouring hard, shouldering responsibility and generally getting on with things. Because the Cancer man likes to get the job done and do it to the very best of his abilities, you are likely to find him working late. Even when everyone else has flaked out and gone home, the Cancer man will still be there eagerly working away, proving himself to his employers. This can provide you with a great opportunity to make your move.

And, with the Cancer man, it is very much a case of making your move. There’s no point letting him know how you feel or subtly suggesting that you find him attractive: his fear of rejection will prevent him from seeing these as compliments; instead, he will perceive them as potential pitfalls, as opportunities to be rejected and humiliated. No, if you want a Cancer man, chances are you’re going to have to just come out and say it. You may even need to write it down and draw diagrams!

All that being said, it isn’t difficult to ingratiate yourself with the Cancer man. All Cancer men, whether they are mild examples or extreme cases of the type, love their family and, in particular, their mother. If you demonstrate that you have a strong bond with your own mother, this will go down very well. If you’ve recently treated your mother to a day out, taken her shopping or to a show, make sure you drop this into the conversation at the first opportunity. The Cancer man can only love someone who adores their own mother.

Extra points can also be scored if you ask about his mother. There may even be a photograph of her on his desk; if so, make sure you point out the resemblance between him and his mother – he’ll love you for this. If you can squeeze it in without sounding too corny, mention how young his mother looks… “I thought that was a picture of your sister!” The Cancer man is very tactile and he loves to be touched. If you’re trying to get his attention, touch him gently on the arm, shoulder or, best of all, the back of the hand. This is likely to make him immediately well-disposed toward you. Make sure your hands are warm first!

Another great ‘in’, believe it or not, is housework! The Cancer man is extremely well-domesticated and house-proud. If you just happen to mention that you spent Sunday cleaning your home from top to bottom, tending the garden or cooking a meal (“just like Mother makes”), you’ll see his eyes light up with glee. In fact, the chances are, he spent Sunday doing something remarkably similar! For the Cancer man, housework isn’t a chore, it’s a leisure activity.

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