Cancer Man in Bed

The Cancer man is known to be a romantic character who can have crazy mood swings at times. One moment he may want something and the next second his bored and moves on to the next thing. However, he is generally respectful and very caring to his partner. Satisfying his partner and paying attention to her needs is top of his priority.

The Cancer male is not the kind of guy who is merely interested in short flings and one night stands. He prefers to find a woman with whom he will spend the rest of his life with; someone who he can commit to and take care of. With this in mind, Cancer men can be quite reserved and shy at the start of a relationship. This will also lead him to taking a long time to open up to his future partner as well as sleeping with her.

Cancer Man in Love Relationships

When the Cancer man finds the woman of his dreams and falls in love with her, his romantic side explodes with full force. He will do everything from buying flowers, candle lit dinners and any other romantic activities one can think of. Due to the fact that he is quite conventional, whatever gifts he gives his partner will tend to be very thoughtful ones and they will always do whatever they can to make their wishes come true.

He will even do the smallest of tasks for his partner without her having to ask him. This is because he is very attentive to the needs of his partner. If you end up in a love relationship with the Cancer guy just be sure to be very kind, tender and encouraging towards him. Failure to do so could push him away. This could leave him a very hurt man who will forever dread dating and trusting another woman in his life again. He devotes himself fully to his lover without question and he would expect the same from her as well.

How to Turn On a Cancer Man In Bed

Tapping into your Cancer man’s sensuality isn’t as straightforward as turning him on in the physical sense. It’s very important to understand exactly what makes the sensitive ones tick, otherwise you can risk fatal misunderstandings that could ruin all of your intimate plans, which would be a real shame, and you would certainly be missing out!

Besides, Cancer men are driven by their emotional needs which means that your feelings for him must be genuine and you must be emotionally generous if you want to experience something special with him in the bedroom. Understanding his personality is a good place to start. Here are some pointers to be aware of…

He’s probably not going to make the first move. If he does it’s going to be subtle. Remember this a man with a pathological fear of rejection, and at the first sign of ridicule he is going to run a mile. You need to make it very clear to him that there is nothing to fear and no risk involved. He needs to feel completely secure and trust that your feelings for him match his own.

He is a born romantic, which means his sexual needs are going to inevitably be routed in his romantic ideals. Know what you’re getting into, because if he falls for you, he is likely to become deeply attached, possibly to the point of obsession. This guy loves forever and ever and ever and ever… just giving you a heads up in case that isn’t what you’re after!

His family will always come first. He is very loyal and devoted. He has very deep-seated emotions, and if he is quite into you he might run the risk of being a bit emotionally stifling and clingy. It is important to understand where this behaviour is coming from and communicate with him, rather than detach yourself by criticising him for caring.

He may be nurturing and receptive, but he is also wildly unpredictable and has a reputation for being somewhat emotionally stormy. His mood swings, hypersensitivity and tendency to hold grudges may be something you want to keep in mind. He also has an excellent memory, so watch out for that too! Patience will be a virtue.

Once you understand exactly what makes him tick though, you can focus on using this information to bring out the best of him in the bedroom…

Cancer Man Sexual Horoscope

Cancer is a sun sign that is born with traits of sensitivity, care and affection. So once a Cancer guy sleeps with someone, they are bound to have feelings for them. Its not a one night stand for them where they can easily forget each other and move on. They get emotionally attached as soon as they get physical with somoene which is a good quality. Cancer man are also very intense lovers and they belive in intense lovemaking which includes a lot of foreplay and kissing stuff as they consider it as their way of expressing love towards their partners. It is also found that Cancer man are very shy at first and they need to break the ice in order to have some uninhbited time with them. These guys are also very cautious and reserved or we can say sonservative till the time they come to now what their partner actually wants. One more aspect about a Cancer man is they kmow all the things about satisfying a woman and there would be hardly any Cancer guys who are immature at such things.

These guys are very kinky sometimes and they tend to have their won fantasies. One more exciting thing about a Cancer guy is that they really like and get aroused by their partner’s erotic confessions, long kisses and those cuddly hugs. These guys are extremely touchy once they get close in that manner and they are like life size teddy bears to their girlfriends. These guys consider foreplay more important than the actual sex and would always prefer some intense lovemaking before they head out for the final stroke. The guys are also very comfortable in understanding their partner’s needs and they are also game for experimenting new things if their partners want too even though they would not take the first step. He is the kind of guy who will do anything to satisfy his girl as he gets intense satisfaction through it. He has the ability to make his woman reach great orgasms with his hidden talent of seduction and sensual skills.

These man are also very tender and sensitive themselves and so they would understand exactly what their partners want or why their partners are not ready for a particular thing in the bed. They take sex seriously and its not a mode of fun or entertainment for them as they get deeply attached emotionally and physically once they get physical with someone. These guys are moody and they do have a naughty side to them while sometime they may also appaear to be disinterested all together. But all things apart once you get physical with a Cancer man, you have to be assured, that there is someone in your life who is emotionally attached to you and he will start developing possessiveness and caring attitiude towards you. Hence you are likely to have a fun filled and a very decent sex life if you have a Cancer guy as your boyfriend or a husband but don’t expect them to be as crazy or wild as an Aries or a Libra guys.

Cancer Man Passion in Bed

He is not exactly a fan of women who are too liberal or wild in between the sheets. The Cancer man does not fancy very violent sex or hardcore dirty talk. He is quite conservative and prefers to wait until he fully comprehends what his lover desires. This is not to say that he knows nothing about women.

He is very familiar with the physical aspect of the female and will definitely know how to go about satisfying you. He cannot stand infidelity in a relationship and the first sign of it will lead him away and he will not even think twice about working out a solution. He looks for a partner who strongly values commitment as well as the family unit.

The Cancer zodiac sign man will do anything to protect himself from emotional hurt given the nature of his sensitivity. For you to win his heart you must prove to him that you can be devoted to him as well as well as your relationship unconditionally. It might be hard for you at first, but once you win him over, you will discover that he is indeed a very loving and caring man.

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