Cancer Man Cheating

Fiercely loyal and protective, he will do anything to ensure the happiness and security of his loved ones. Cancer men are amongst the most loyal IF they love their partner. If they don’t love their partner then all bets are off (the same as for every other sign). Cancer is a naturally nurturing sign. If they care, then they tend to show it fairly obviously and readily. Hugs, questions about your day, troubles, worries, picking up on your moods etc are a good indicator.

Cancers don’t know how to cheat, you’ll find it out right away. You won’t even have to check their phones to find stuff out. They’ll accidentally tell you everything. It will sound something like “It’s crazy how in one day you can go from strangers to lovers with someone”. They’re not talking about you, by the way. Cancers don’t like to cheat though. The reason they cheat is because they’re looking for that one special person. Until they find that person, they won’t stop “looking”, if you know what I mean.

Sure Ways to Know Cancer Man Cheating on You

Look in his wallet - where the photos are. If a Cancerian removes family photos from his wallet, he’s sending a big message. Maybe he feels guilty having the picture of you and the kids in his wallet when he’s cheating on you. Anyways, check his wallet every now and then, or ask him if he’s still got your wedding photo in there, and can you see it, pretty please. I hope he’s got the right answer for you.

Sweet, sensitive Cancer is unlikely to stray - unless they are in fact too sensitive. Having low self-esteem is one of the number one reasons people cheat, because it gives them an ego boost. So if your Cancer is too sensitive and they don’t feel loved, they may look for love and validation elsewhere. Try to give your Cancer plenty of reassurance about how much you care to keep your Crab from crawling out on you.

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