Cancer Man and Aries Woman

The bonding of an Aries and a Cancer can be difficult and pretty offbeat. They both have different sense of expression, where Aries are high and spontaneous, Cancers are shy and slow. Though these two together can be very complementing but they take time to adjust to such situation.

Aries have a youthful aura and their confident personality makes them outshine most of the people around them but at the same time their impatient nature and carefree attitude can cause hitches. They look for endeavors that enhance their egos. Aries are often viewed as one who is impulsive and thoughtless, while the whole time they are running around carelessly trying to gain acceptance. They rush out to meet obstacles headlong and headfirst, even when they have to go out of their way to find them. They want everyone to like them, which they usually earn from their attractive personality. They are born to win and they want everything to be more than perfect for them. The typical Aries would never hurt anyone on purpose.

Cancers are very sensitive and cautiously intelligent people who appreciate their superiority with humbleness and use it properly. They are one of a kind determined individual who are steadily strong and achieves success in all conditions. Cancers are always very protective and warm towards every person they love including their family and friends. They often use humor as a form of trickery to distract a person from noticing their technique. Their strategy to win over obstacles is not head on but rather sideways. When they are hurt, they simply disappear from the scene and pout. They should not be considered to be totally impassive, easily molded or incapable of resistance. Even they can be sometimes very stubborn and hard headed for the things they want their way to achieve.

Cancer Man and Aries Woman Compatibility

Where the couple can take time to listen to one another and really understand each other’s points of view, there is more promise. Cancer has a knack of seeing the insecurity beneath Aries’ outward confidence, and Aries can, when they choose, be very considerate of Cancer’s sensitivities. It’s very easy for both signs to fall back into instinctive patterns of behaviour, however, which will hurt each other in the long term. Cancer and Aries compatibility sizzles in the short term, but over a lifetime it requires a balance of power in the relationship. Although you might think that Aries is the stronger sign, Cancer actually holds the emotional power here, and will sulk or withdraw from Aries when the going gets tough.

A union between an Aries and a Cancer are more likely to consist of co-workers or relatives. Their relationship is typical business orientated. If a romance is created between the two it usually has began at the work environment or at some common gatherings. A conversation between the two is mainly about family and work. An Aries likes and needs to win. A Cancer has nothing against winning or losing, but also likes leading and having what they want at any cost. The only solution is that they can walk side-by-side, with no one ahead and no one behind. Cancers tends to compromise with less pain than Aries, so it is usually the Cancer who must initiate the offer of truce between two. It is not unusual for an Aries to get an emotional response out of a Cancer by saying the wrong things at the wrong time.

One of the problems between Aries and Cancer is sensitivity to hurt. Aries people have little or no awareness of this particular weakness in themselves. This is not consistent with the image the Aries put forth. Therefore, when Aries is hurt, the reaction is to either immediately deny it or to become defensively angry. Cancers are however sure to display their typical reactions. Although they may learn to tolerate each other, help each other grow, evolve and learn, the differences between them are distinctly visible. Aries and Cancer have different motivations, different approaches to life and different goals. If each gives something of his or her basic good nature to the other, their lives can be greatly enriched. If they are willing to take the time to translate the message of each other’s hearts, who knows how what mountains they can climb.

Relationships play very important roles in lives of both Aries and Cancer as they both love their dear ones passionately; only their way of expressing is different. As siblings and relatives they form a very loving and easy bond with minor differences that hardly affect anyone of them. As friends and colleagues, they share a very cool relationship, which can be termed as ‘cool buddies’ as both are easy on each other and ready to help. But there may be competition sometimes when Aries want to be at the top and the same thing is the dream of Cancer except that they live in harmony with each other. Commercial project can create magic for them if only they are ready to concentrate on one particular thing and finances are governed by Cancer. Love relationship can create some serious differences as Cancers are shy and slow in relationship while Aries are aggressive and impulsive. As parents they both play perfect as they both remain slow to the heart of their little ones and are ready to provide them with all they want.

When Aries and Cancer are together there can be many differences that are to be taken in consideration. The basic difference comes in their thoughtfulness towards anything and everything in life. Where Cancers are most compassionate of all the beings, Aries can be aggressive and less considerate. Their approach towards finances also come with great clashes as Cancer consider money to be holy stuff, earned and saved forever, Aries find it a basic need and spend it lavishly. As such Aries find Cancers miser and not only that Aries also find them slow and inexpressive. There is always certain amount of possibility to have a clash on almost any subject, due to their different approaches. But if they consider each other’s differences well and give some time to each one with a feeling of adjustment at both the ends, they can actually enjoy a relationship that is fulfilling both in fields of passion and security topped with love and enthusiasm at all times.

Marriage Between Cancer Man and Aries Woman

Marital relation between a Cancer male and Aries female flourishes beautifully as the partners are able to develop a strong understanding which helps them survive through the rough patches in life. She revives his life by offering him love, support and understanding and motivating him to come out of his fears and insecurities. This makes him feel strong and confident. Her possessiveness and protectiveness makes him feel more special. He also brings out beautiful hidden facets of her personality making her feel more desirable. She feels comfortable in his company. He always showers her with lots of affection and love. The couple may face tough times in their marital life because of his mood swings and her anger which may leave them both deeply hurt. They need to develop a stronger understanding to face these episodes with maturity.

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