Cancer Man and Gemini Woman

The bonds Gemini and Cancer share are quite fascinating and interesting as they almost complement each other in everything and show different worlds to each other. But Cancer have uniquely nurturing approach while Gemini people are playful and this sometimes hurt the sensitive feelings of Cancer.

Gemini people are impossible to pin down. They are strongly intelligent but at the same time it makes more sense to Gemini to be a jack-of-all-trades and master of none simply because it might involve doing that thing forever. Gemini people like to consistently change from one idea to another, thinking that the current idea is the one they run with, until they change their minds. Their flighty antics make it hard for them to settle down onto any one thing whether it be career, friendship, relationship or any of these in combination. Their fear of missing out on something new and exciting keep the Gemini moving about. Their souls are like a mere child, letting go too quickly or holding on too lightly at times. They wander about looking for the next best thing.

Cancer are highly valued by people for their refined and empathetic nature. They are true people who never endorse hypocrisy. Cancer are determined with the capability to work even in worst of conditions and get appreciable results. Cancer loves to be in charge. They love attention and taking control of things. They have the persistence and patience to take an idea and run with it until that mere idea becomes a reality regardless of who thinks otherwise, if it were not for the fact that they worry tremendously about losing what they already have. So, their cravings and controlling efforts remain buried deep within them.

Cancer Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility

Both partners in this relationship are moody, in their own way. Cancer is notorious for emotional mood swings, while Gemini is fickle and can change their mood (and their mind) with lightning speed. You’d think that this would give the couple some tolerance for one another, but you’d be wrong. Cancer thinks Gemini is too emotionally distant, too aloof and too cold. Gemini thinks Cancer needs to lighten up and enjoy the world a bit more – unfortunately for Cancer and Gemini compatibility, these two partners do not appreciate the reasons for one another’s moods, and are therefore likely to irritate one another.

There is a pleasant compatibility between Gemini and Cancer. Cancer understands Gemini’s restlessness and can tolerate their excessive changes. With Cancer’s precision in detail as well as their ability to hold their listener captive with their imagination and humor, coupled with Gemini’s intellect and charm, they can both talk a good talk that would leave any listener in awe and wanting more. They are both quite witty and also quite the dreamer. Another similarity is their frequent changes in mood. A deeply depressed Cancer turns around and become as sentimental as an old grandma remembering back in the day. Or, perhaps, they start their day cranky as the day is long, and within the hour their mood is one of frolic and laughter. Gemini jumps from a cheery Gemini to distraught and worried then turns around and has the highest hopes and dreams imaginable.

It is not at all that amazing to see that Gemini and Cancer intertwine themselves in a relationship that is all too compatible. Their similarities in interests help as well as their comparisons in moods and abilities to change. Each can hold their own in public with their imaginations and emotions. Both are quite expert in public, they are also both inclined to capture such events on camera. Their similar love for photography comes out quite easily. Cancer feels someone out emotionally and can help Gemini settle a bit on this level whereas Gemini tests on a more mental level showing Cancer how to pull themselves up out of their one sided views and put things in more of a broader perspective. Together they can read people. They can see their body language and hear what is said or what is not said and their ability to interpret people is astounding.

With the wonderful combination of Gemini and Cancer, many wonderful relations are filled with colors of love and fun. When friends, colleagues, siblings or relatives, they share a very easily tuned relationship that has smooth flowing conversation and strong understanding. Both are ready to help and appreciate each other’s efforts and make other one comfortable in their company. Also they share some great views and interests with each other, that add to their relation and makes it more fun. Commercial venture can work somewhat well if Gemini comes out of dream world and help Cancer with their hard work and determination. Romantic relation is always smooth and joyful for both Gemini and Cancer but there can be a bit of emotional differences as Cancer are very emotional and Gemini finds it hard to handle. Parenthood is a great experience for them once they are together as Gemini people are very friendly while Cancer are very nurturing. So together they make a lovely relationship which is fulfilling and wonderful.

When in their own element, Cancer and Gemini are strong individuals with their own goals and ideas. They are individually different as much as they are together similar. Cancer wants the feel of intimacy and home more so than the public eye and is a bit taken back by Gemini’s often too light attitude about commitment. A jealous nature surfaces with Cancer when Gemini becomes too flirtatious and emotions begin to run a bit amok. Cancer needs to learn to trust Gemini in that when the Gemini needs to spread their wings and fly, they very soon after, return to the nest with no worries of what went on. Gemini must also take light Cancer’s emotions when upset or moody. They should also try to pacify Cancer. If compromise is dealt with on both sides, this relationship can be strong and long lasting.

Marriage Between Cancer Man and Gemini Woman

Marriage between a Cancer male and Gemini female words out beautifully as they both crave for each other’s company and dream of spending their life in each other’s arms. His chivalry always makes her feel like a blessed woman. He is able to win her heart with his passionate love which completely transforms the world for her. She feels loved and wanted like never before and experiences a strong connection with his soul. She also does everything to make him feel special. She showers him with her love and also surprises him with her hidden talents. She impresses his man with her qualities and he admires her for each talent she possesses. When they fall deeply in love, there is no room for jealousy or confusion. This makes their marital bond strong and ever lasting. Then there is only love, romance and passion for each other. They are able to make their marriage colorful and interesting by using their imagination and creativity.

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