Cancer Man and Pisces Woman

The bond between the Cancer and Pisces is highly rewarding in all walks and relations of life together with a lot of devotion and attachment. They both have similar needs in the relations and understand the importance of expression with sensitive attitude. Cancer are fully equipped people with hard shell determination to achieve their success which is generally in terms of money. Peace of mind and security are some of the most important things for Cancer.

They seem to be quite predictable creatures but in reality they like to zealously guard their own secrets, and are very good at uncovering secrets of other people. They have the great ability to laugh at things that annoy them and they can even laugh at themselves showing the ease of their nature. Though their cynicism is disheartening but usually they are vigilant enough to avoid such situations. People around them should be aware of their mood swings or else they might get surprised by their constant change in behavior.

The Pisces are adept in uncovering secrets and are comfortingly sympathetic listeners. It is difficult to comprehend Pisces because they represent dual nature of sorts. They can be very generous and sometimes they can spend money extravagantly. They respect their privacy and do not want anybody to disturb them when they want to spend some time with themselves. Pisces does not like to meddle with other people’s affairs and expects the same in return. Even though they do not like to dominate other people but at the same time they are inquisitive about things that are transpiring in their friends’ lives. They are very concerned about their near ones, but do not like to express their feelings because they think that it would be impolite to ask people about their lives.

Cancer Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

This is likely to be a deeply romantic relationship, with love notes, poems, flowers and the full range of sweet and tender surprises along the way. Of course, for two such emotional people, there will also be some tears during the journey, but it’s a surprisingly serene relationship for two water signs, with none of the darkness or angst that characterises, for instance, a Cancer/Scorpio match. Cancer and Pisces compatibility brings this couple a soft and gentle almost magical aura; it’s as though they have a divine or spiritual connection which nobody else can break. Neither Pisces nor Cancer is usually unfaithful once committed to a relationship, although gentle Pisces can be easily led by a stronger character. Cultivating honesty is the key here – so long as Pisces feels they can trust Cancer, they are unlikely to stray.

Except for a few, most Cancer-Pisces associations are relatively smooth, sweet and pleasant. They understand each other very well. The Pisces can predict the moods of the Cancer with reasonable accuracy but the latter may have more difficulty in diagnosing the mood fluctuations of a Piscean. Pisces weave their dreams with threads of sparkling imagination, then frequently get caught up in the problems of others or mundane duties, and are forced to tuck their dreams away on a shelf, to gather dust and wait for some magical morning when there is suddenly the freedom to make them come true. If they continue to remain unsure for a long time, then they miss the right opportunity and their dreams remain unfulfilled.

According the Pisceans, money despite being a necessity is an evil. They do not want to get too attached to money. Their motto in life is just to earn money so that their basic needs are fulfilled and not invest too much of their energy by thinking about money. They like to turn their attention towards money only when they are in dire need of the same. Pisceans cannot be considered economical with their money whereas the Cancer love to save money. Cancer are homebody whereas Pisces loves to travel and explore new places. Both the Cancer and Pisces are quite affectionate towards each other and they successfully boost each other’s ego as well. The Pisces love to dream but the Cancer work hard to transform the dream into reality. When they join their hands together then they surely attain success.

Cancer and Pisces make very loving and sensitive connections in all the bonds they make with each other. Siblings and friends just love each other above everything and are ready to sacrifice any thing for each other. As colleagues they are always helpful and sympathetic to each other providing any possible help. Relatives and neighbors who are Pisces and Cancer also share a very friendly relation full of smiles and good wishes. Business ventures can work well with this team if Cancer is ready to take up the basic responsibility and they can lead their joint effort to a great success. Love relations are always very romantic ones woven with the silky thread of understanding and patience. They both make protective and sacrificing parents with lots to give to their children and as children they are always dedicated to their parents and family.

The clashes that are followed by the association of Pisces and Cancer are not ghostly but usually lead to small tiffs and heart aches. Cancer are very personal in expression and relation and though they get treated well by Pisces, they find Pisces humble with everyone and this creates insecurities in them. Also the Cancer are home loving creatures while Pisces loves to move around and discover the world and this makes the Cancer feel neglected. Pisces can also sometime not stand the mood swings of Cancer and burst out in serious annoyance. Money also becomes a reason of clash between these two as Pisces have no much affection for money while Cancer worship money. But since they share a loving bond a deep empathy, they can always forgive each other, understanding their basic nature and give in for the good of the bond they share.

Marriage Between Cancer Man and Pisces Woman

Marriage between a Pisces female and a Cancer male blooms and flourishes. There is always a positive energy in their association which evolves from their love and results into a happy environment. Her care and his guidance match perfectly. He is one man who is able to take care of his sensitive and delicate Pisces girl with his gentle love. He keeps her free from worries of life. She also showers him with loads of love which helps him feel emotionally more stable. He admires her for the way she takes good care of his house and him. When they both start a relationship, they are able to hold each other’s hands and look deep into each other’s eyes. The power of their love adds more color to their life and happiness to their faces. The level of trust they have in each other works as a basis of their strong understanding. Their marriage is an epitome of harmony, passion, dedication and compassion which emerges from their true love. The couple may face some very small issues in their marital bond but with maturity and understanding, they are able to resolve their differences. She may at times hurt her man with her sharp words and he may also behave cold to her or get extra protective about her. But the couple is able to handle all these problems very smartly.

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