Cancer in Marriage

Cancerians are naturally keen to marry – it is not that they feel very lonely or anything when they are alone; after all they have very good family ties and a lovely circle of friends. It’s just that tying the knot with someone and having a family of their own is very enticing for them. Even when they live alone, they do things that are really fulfilling in a familial sort of way.

Women might become nursery teachers or nurses in children’s hospital. You have it in you to make excellent spouses and excellent parents. And while they do all they can to make their domestic life better, don’t expect them to give up on their professional endeavors the least bit. They will make the most of all opportunities that come their way – after all, their work is their instrument for providing their family with everything it needs.

Cancerians, however, have a very grave problem – they need to tackle the career versus family issue. They want to work hard and make a lot of money so that they can provide their family with all kinds of luxuries and provisions, but again they have a strong impulse to be with their spouse and children spend quality time with them. This impulse is a lot stronger with women, who would want to take care of their children, cook their favourite dish, help them with their homework, and take care of their husbands when they come home from work. But at some point, they have to do the balancing act, and in this they struggle.

Cancerians no doubt have a strongly sensual side that will keep their drive alive for years. This drive will fight demands of their work atmosphere and everything, but the real opposition comes from domestic life. Tending growing children and taking care of them can take away all of your sexual impulses from you. When such things happen, the couple should think about the better of the family, and not just in terms of their ruined sexual life.

Cancer Male as a Husband

Don’t be fooled. This man may seem pliable, diffident, romantic and stable but behind that smokescreen is a determined, focused and emotionally complex individual. He is, I have to say, possessed by mother, by which I mean the relationship he has had with his mother - good or bad - powerfully affects his romantic and marital life. Your best bet is never to criticize his mother, nor insult his family: let him do all the whingeing (which the male Crab does rather a lot). Mr Cancer adores fiery women - think Salma Hayek in Frida - although he often marries women who represent a safety blanket, someone he knows will never stray, someone who will make a mother for his children and a home for him to scuttle back to day after day, night after night.

Cancer Female as a Wife

When a Cancer woman is in love, she is truly in love. She will literally worship her man. She will be a mother to him, spoiling him silly. At the same time, she expects her man to pamper her. She will cry like a baby and fuss over insignificant things. And the man has to mollycoddle her. Look at the bright side, she is a great cook. Her culinary skills will be unmatched. She will love her man and even obey every word he says. Hard to find such devotion these days, right? When she is hurt, she will retreat to her tough crab shell and it’s difficult to bring her back to this world. A Cancer girl is never secure about herself. She needs to be constantly appreciated and complimented. Her man doesn’t have to worry about the money, she is very deligent with the finances. Commitment is her middle name. She will be extremely loyal to her man till she lives.

Cancer Love Compatibility