How to Attract a Cancer Woman

The number one tip for attracting a Cancer woman is to act a little bit helpless. She’s likely to respond much more positively if she thinks you’re in need of some tender loving care. So although in reality you may well be quite tough and capable, make a point of showing this girl your more vulnerable side. Confide in her about some of your problems, and don’t hold back from openly expressing your feelings. Incredibly soft-hearted by nature, the Cancer woman can’t resist a sob story and will want to look after you in any way that she can. Because Cancerians are ruled by the Moon, the symbol of nurturing, they take a strongly material approach towards their friends and lovers. So if you’re secretly looking for a substitute mother, put on your "little boy lost" act to win a Cancer woman’s heart.

Ask her About her Roots

A reliable way of attracting a Cancer woman’s interest is to talk to her about your family background (and maybe show her a few of your family photographs), then ask her to tell you about hers. Family is very important to this girl. In fact it often tends to be her main priority in life, taking precedence over just about everything else. Enquiring about her childhood roots, such as where she was born, whether or not she has brothers and sisters, or where her family spent their vacations, is an excellent tactic for getting to know a Cancer woman. Even better, and a sure way to encourage her to fall in love with you, is to take an active interest in her mother. Because Cancerian girls usually have a very close relationship with their mother, securing her approval is a must-have for any long-term relationship.

Show her you’re the Domesticated Type

The average Cancer woman’s ideal vision of the future centers on a nice house and garden of her own, filled with adorable children and pets. A dedicated homebody at heart, she’s unlikely to consider a long-term relationship with someone who isn’t the nesting type too. For this reason, if you want a Cancer woman to fall in love with you, it’s important to give the impression you’re highly domesticated and that you love children and animals. Nearly every Cancerian woman will eventually want to become a mother, so if you detest kids it could prove a big sticking point with this girl. Talking to her about your current home, as well as where you aspire to live in the future, will encourage her to open up to you about her own hopes and dreams and create an emotional bond on which you can begin to build.

Be Kind and Caring

Don’t make the mistake, however, of coming on too strong or asking too many probing questions at first. The female Crab is a shy and reserved creature, easily scared off by predatory types intent on gobbling her up. She’s reluctant to divulge too much about herself until she’s ready to accept you into her inner circle, and will only clam up if you dig too deep too soon. To gain a Cancerian girl’s trust, it’s vital to show yourself as kind, caring and above all an excellent listener. Because she has a strong emotional nature and is easily hurt, she needs a partner who will sympathize with her mood swings (of which she has many!) and to whom she can express her feelings without being judged. Avoid criticizing her, arguing with her or chiding her to "pull herself together" if you want to win a Cancer woman’s heart.

Appeal to her Traditional Values

You’ll attract a Cancerian girl more easily if you make her believe that, just like her, you have a traditional approach to love. Because she needs a partner who will be loyal and faithful, she’s less likely to fall in love with you if she suspects you’re someone who plays the field. Impressed less by good looks and more by genuine niceness, a Cancer woman is ultimately looking for a true soul mate, not just a one night stand. To attract this girl it’s important to play up to her strong sense of romance. She loves candlelit dinners in intimate surroundings, so when the moment is right, make a point of treating her to a special meal. Don’t spoil things though, by expecting her to sleep with you in return - with her old-fashioned values, a Cancerian girl may prefer to delay physical intimacy for a while.

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