Cancer Woman in Bed

The Cancer woman is very cautious about who she gives her heart to. This is because the moment she decides to make a commitment to you, she will absolutely give her all. She is also extremely loving and protective of each and every individual who is close to her.

You might however, have a major challenge with the Cancer woman at first. This is because she can be very moody. Therefore, you might not be able to tell how she feels about you, if she does at all, at the beginning of your relationship. This should not put you down though, because if you end up marrying her, she will be completely loyal to you and put your interests at heart and above hers.

Cancer Woman in Love Relationships

The Cancer female can be cold and dry and therefore, she will not feel bad for letting go of you should the need arise. However, this does not mean that she lacks the ability to be passionate or emotional. If you are interested in dating a Cancer woman, just remember that she has to be in the mood. If she does not feel like dating when you come knocking on her door then you might as well look elsewhere. Or, if you are confident enough, get her in the mood. This is how to do it.

First and foremost, the Cancer girl loves a man who can get straight to the point with his intentions. Don’t beat around the bush. She also does not want someone who is gluttonous or desperate. She is generally quite reserved and shy and prefers someone who is the opposite; someone who has a high level of confidence. Remember, whatever kind of relationship you develop with her, she will always take it very seriously; whether it’s a serious commitment or just lust, Cancer women love to set certain boundaries and they will not allow them to be altered unless you both come to an agreement regarding the same.

Most Cancer women have a conventional perception of dating. They prefer to be courted properly and thoroughly. There are times however, when they will expect you to chase them. This she does just to sieve out the jokers from the men who are really interested in taking her seriously. Their expectations do not require you to marry them immediately; they just like the security of knowing that if they wanted such a commitment, you would as well. Once you do settle for a Cancer woman, you will not have to worry about faithfulness, because she is one very loyal character who will do her best to increase the love compatibility in the match.

Cancer Woman Sexual Horoscope

Like the rest of their life, a sexual encounter with Cancer is much like a slow dance, but if you`ve got the right moves, you can take the Crab to a torrid tango. Ole! The emotional firepower that can be aroused within Cancer usually manifests itself as a series of wonderful fantasies and less as sexual acrobatics. Either way, it`s pure pleasure for both partners. The Crab is also quite intuitive and can generally sense what their lover wants, which makes an encounter between the sheets a finely-tuned union.

Cancer`s feminine side is often on display in the bedroom, which means the Crab enjoys being made love to. The good news is that the Crab is a very receptive student! With the Crab, sex often equals love and its nurturing aspects (such as home and hearth), so anyone who can appeal to this sign`s deep need for security is likely to unleash a volcanic eruption of sensual treats. Being a Water sign, Cancerians are quite fond of sex on the beach or in the sea.

Cancer woman is very sensitive and never makes a first step in love. You should approach her with care and warmth. As long as she understands her lover can be thoughtful and receptive to her needs, her inner sensual side will be open to endless sexual exploration. Don’t haste to offer her a sensual treat, running your fingers all over her body. Cancer woman is very receptive to sensual touching and here you have a vast opportunity to use soft feathers, teasing and oral love. Sheis submissive by nature and enjoys pleasing her partner.

Cancer Woman Passion in Bed

When it comes to making love, the Cancer woman can be quite romantic, deep and erotic. Since she likes to put your interests before hers when it comes to sex, you may want to pamper her at first. You could create a small surprise candle lit dinner on a small table, maybe in a room that she is not used to eating in.

Do something romantic like hide a special love note under her plate or fold it together with her napkin. Cancer women can be very sentimental and they enjoy such gestures. When it comes to the actual lovemaking, you may want to avoid teasing her; it’s not really her kind of thing.

Cancer zodiac sign females make passionate sexual partners who can share a pleasurable time with their love mates. But she doesn’t like to lose. So the man has to be on his toes to make sure that she is satisfied with his seduction.

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