Cancer Woman and Pisces Man

The relationship of a Cancer and Pisces is highly rewarding, featuring with plenty of devotion and dreamy attachments. Mutual respect and some similar goals strengthen the bond between these two. Both of them value understatement and innocence in romance, and an emotional attachment is important to both.

Pisces man is basically a very impressive and up to mark individual with tender emotions and an intelligent mind. He has his own dreams and dream world, that he holds dearly. Though he is dreamy in nature but he never has his head in clouds and always looks out for the pros and cons of situations. A Pisces man is never judgmental in his attitude towards any dispute, rather he avoids to get involved in one. But anyways,he is definitely everything one can want him to be. He is always very lenient and loving towards his lady love but he is never weak. He always binds his lady with his charm and delicate approach.

Cancer woman is a lady with emotional waves and strong intellect at the same time. For this woman her family comes first and to it very closely stands money at the next level of importance. She is very sympathetic towards all and tries to resolve all the possible issues. Though she is a gigantic rock of support for her dear ones but whenever she gets depressed she needs some pampering in order to lift up her spirits. In a relationship, she is a loyal mate who loves to pamper her lover with lots of care and support in all aspects of life.

Cancer Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

The world for a Cancer woman and a Pisces man will be lying in each other’s company. The Pisces man will adore her and treat her as the most special person of his world. Also for a Cancer woman a Pisces man will be of prime importance than any other thing. She will help the Pisces man in realizing his dreams. And if either of them becomes strong and thinks practically then they are not much away from the key to happiness.

The Cancer woman makes the life of the Pisces man smoother in every possible way. She brings him out of his dream world and helps him to fulfill those dreams and live his life up to the mark in every way. With her, he learns to make firm decisions in order to fulfill his goals in life and provide more financial security. She always adores him to the core of her heart and respects him for the way he provides her with care and love with no rough comments and patchy complains. She guides him and always makes sure that he is comfortable both physically and emotionally. She usually proves to be a good listener and a sound adviser. With her kind of a cautious nature, it is easy to cover up a great part of life without much loss and pain.

The Pisces man is a very sophisticated man who well understands the fragile nature of his Cancer woman. He provides her with tenderness and gentle words to sooth away all her worries and gives her care and concern that helps her to blossom in a relationship. He also adores his lovely Cancer lady for her preparations for a good future by saving money except at times when he feels that saving money is hindering in his creative efforts. She is a wise person who understands the value of relations and usually is in a nature of providing without demanding. He loves to take care of his dear ones and generally proves to be the most understanding mate for his Cancer woman.

The romance of a Cancer woman and a Pisces man has a dreamlike quality about it which increases with each passing year enhancing the beauty and grace of their togetherness. They have a strong need to be with each other and make their togetherness an experience that has all the flavors of love and admiration for each other. With increase in love and faith, their chances of unity are excellent as Cancer woman stops nagging her Pisces man and develops a complete trust on him and Pisces man also stops trying to escape. The differences between their personalities are relatively minor which are complimented by them and minor tiffs are smoothly compromised, once they are fully aware of their love and unison. Being very soft at heart, this couple creates a velvety base for their unison where both of them live a smooth and soft life with gentle smile and concerning words for their mate.

As both have the water elements, the Cancer woman and the Pisces man can unite well through their physical relationship. They derive a lot of fulfillment through it which brings them closer with every act of love making. Through their sexual union, they experience the rare joy of not just receiving or just giving but exchanging the gift of total contentment. There is an instinctive knowing of how to please one another and an equal understanding that sex is much, much more than a physical act.

These two are likely to stage their sexual intimacy in a beautiful, romantic setting and savor foreplay as much as consummation. This is a couple inclined to cuddle and stay as close as possible to each other for a longer times then other zodiac signs. They make their oneness a long lasting experience and tug each other closely to insure satisfaction at both emotional and physical level. More often their bodies twitch with their imaginations, which they recognize in little more than a bizarre, perhaps perverted, fantasy. But some playfulness would spice up their physical relationship like accentuating their squirming and wriggling to increase the effect of the pleasurable sight, sound and feelings.

Mood swings is a problem that both, the Cancer woman and Pisces man needs to deal with in their relationship. He seeks solace in meditation and she gets annoyed because he does not frequently express his feelings to her. The other most important matter is money, he should try to be more practical in money matters and realize the worth of hard earned money. On the other hand, she must try to become a bit generous with money. They also have a strange need for guarding their own secrets and this restraints them from displaying their innermost thoughts. With the sense of humor displayed by her and the lenient attitude of him, it becomes easy to deal with problems in the relationship.

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