Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man

As the Cancer and the Sagittarius start a relationship, they make a very confusing combination, although it has the potential to be very stimulating if they are willing to accept each other for who they are, and learn from one another the different talents they both have.

A Sagittarius man is never alone. He is always surrounded by a crowd around him and that also usually the female crowd. His enthusiasm and curiosity is contagious while his acquitted liveliness is sometimes tough to handle. He is a highly optimistic person who trusts everybody and in the process he gets cheated and hurt sometimes. Being in a relationship with him can bring lots of fun and adventures to the Cancer woman’s life but at the same time she has to adjust with his tactless frankness which can hurt her at times.

A Cancer woman is a true image of a sweetheart for most people. Her caring nature and her tender devotion makes everyone feel loved and needed. While she is very independent and money minded lady but still family and loved ones are the top most priority in her list. She is one lady who can cook delicious food and at the same time manage a high responsibility post in a company at ease. In love with a Sagittarius man, she gives him all the respect and superiority that he deserves but can be too possessive at times which can make him feel uneasy.

Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

This love match has great chances of making a happy-couple, but, for that to happen, both the individuals need to make the right efforts. A Sagittarius man will have to learn to be a little responsible and to start loving his family and home. On the other hand, a Cancer woman will have to be little adventurous and at times, gel herself into the activities that are of interest to a Sagittarius man. Though it is not one of the fine matches, but is still workable if one of them is determined to do so.

A Cancer woman is strangely comforted and flattered by the Sagittarius man she loves and enjoys his roller coaster rides with full enthusiasm. She has a lot of respect for hers and his family and this makes him feel even better because he himself is clueless in this field. She provides him with sound advice and always guides him gently and unobtrusively to reach the top of the heap. Carried away by the enthusiasm of his free thought, he sometimes wanders a bit too far conversationally with the Cancer lady before he says more than intended that this extremely sensitive, imaginative lady could exaggerate or misinterpret, bringing on her suspicion and trembling vulnerability to hurt. She is kind to his truthfulness but cannot stand his undue and frank criticism. At the same time, he needs to consider her possessive nature and makes her feel calm whenever she is insecure.

A Sagittarius man regards a Cancer woman as a mysterious and magnetic lady with lots to be discovered in her. He gives her a new prospect of life and makes her feel free of all the set rules. The jolly nature of Sagittarius male makes his moony maiden feel spirited around him with the best of her sense of humor. She contains within her many secrets and though he is not possessive, he is assuredly jealous and curious to know all about her. And together with it, she has a magnetism that makes him pour out all his secrets to her which makes her feel secure and comfortable and she enjoys learning things about her man, and usually employs a conscious strategy to learn them well. But Cancer female might get so offended by his carefree attitude and also due to his nature of attending his female admirers.

When the love of fiery Sagittarius man and watery Cancer woman flows through a long run to make it everlasting, there is an innocent purity and smoothness. When the truthfulness and devotion of Sagittarius man and Cancer woman meets unconditionally, their love creates unbelievable oneness. He becomes more stable and reliable and she becomes more open and secure with each passing day. There is a twinkle in every glance they give to each other and jingle in every word they dedicate to each other. The devotion and respect they both share is amazing with all the virtues of love, kindness and happiness that make two people perfect for one another. The rainbows of their love are brighter than the usual ones and the meadows they walk are greener than the ones experienced by others.

As the Water and Fire tries to put in each other deeply, there is unsaid warmth in their love making. Nights can be the best time to let a Cancer woman know that she is special and she is the queen. A physical relationship with her can turn out to be a real ball if he can understand and act according to his lady love’s ever changing moods. Her varied thoughts have the capacity to enhance their love making with tenderness and romance. During the time of sexual intimacy, he should try to talk less and concentrate more on his physical expressions.

For a Cancer lady, too much of talking hardly makes any sense as feelings are stronger than words. She withdraws sexually from demanding desire, able to surrender herself completely only when their mutual need is demonstrated tenderly, gently, even poetically, not fiercely. She cannot reciprocate if she was hurt by his remarks. Finesse in love-making is something he has to consciously practice to acquire, especially when he’s in love with a Cancer female.

As the Sagittarius man and Cancer woman makes a very odd pair, there are always twists and turns in their life. She needs to comprehend the fact that he is not good at expressing his feelings rather he talks much more about other things while he needs to know that she is sensitive and gives a privacy to their relationship which is blanketed with caring and sharing things about each other. To her family is the priority and she clings hard upon every relationship but for him it’s just a part of life and cutting a tie or two doesn’t hurts him much. To make their relationship better she needs to be more open and less demanding and he needs to be more reliable and expressive about his feelings.

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